Swift and JSON don’t play nicely together. Swift wants everything to have a type; JSON, on the other hand, is a blob of data from which types can only be inferred.

How can we write good Swift when working with JSON?

The JSONValue enum is a Swift container around JSON…

Eight principles my team uses to guide our decision-making, enabling us to move fast with quality and integrity.

Note: As we originally wrote these principles for a team of iOS engineers, some of the language has been modified to suit a broader audience.

1. Champion the Customer Experience

The customer experience takes priority over any…

“Programmer" never felt right to me. “Coder" is even worse. These terms are too narrow for what we do.

I often use the term “software engineer" to describe what I do. It’s quick and most people understand, roughly, what a software engineer spends their day doing: writing code. …

Bryan Ricker

Engineering at Honey (PayPal)

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